Thursday Tipples & Cheese @ Epicure, Per Aquum Desert Palm

Restaurant Dining | In Unspecified on December 4th, 2016
100-200 AED
Skyline sunsets over turquoise waters, international cheeseboards, freshly baked artisan breads and hand-crafted antipasti plates paired with reds, whites and bubbles.   THE FOOD   There are a good selection of cheeses including feta with truffles and feta with sundried tomatoes, Sparkenhoe Red Leicester, Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue, two types of Blue Cheese, a very good creamy Cheddar and a molten fondue to name but a few.   010f6023d9bc3c0ff4a5a3a7fd3f03c560085c9510 01b95972a65b1e87337a128ec168fe56fabfe93013 01a26522daae9727d155d7f669cd04ab34066dc3e7 014f4548098033fe6eb1cd7665a73b5e8b7e622af4   For those who need more sustenance there was a rich bacon and mushroom flan, cheesy crochets and jalapeno poppers and which Mrs Brunch, particularly partial to her cheeses, really appreciated and tucked into. There was also a good array of other nibbles, smoked mackerel, cold cuts and salads including a "make your own ceasar",broccoli & cauliflower with pesto and a delicious German potato salad. Finally, the pickles, breads and biscuits provide perfect finger food to nibble on as we worked our way through the vineyards. 0154e12d28f69b98d4087733d4eb2ca0420a8fe56a 0106f9b083bbb6b336fdb92676984c2a68fdaa15af 016e8210054e21274dd803e5467b8d959fe257fe6b 012c2063ce9038a6f18cff77bcdb5a36b723a50bfa   THE DRINK   The grapes on offer included three reds, three whites and a pleasant Sparkling option of Scavi & Ray prosecco. For whites we had a selection of Italia Rose (Pinot Grigio, Italy), a Terre Allegre (Trebiano, Italy) and a Masia J (Sauvignon Blanc, Spain. Our reds were a Terre Allegre (Trebiano, Italy), a Masia J (Merlot, Spain) and AN Antares (Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile.)   0166e15cdd406877fcb5cd6ada651703482823e3bb 01d316aa9b1f654da4d9efecc2ed681ad33b4043fd 01e4abdefa673a0ea6afaa42fdc7aefa5ee6b8e905 0157fdfb60571e97f32fe7b986dc8e7abdcdf57d3d   THE OTHER STUFF   A beautifully relaxed setting, the serenity of the outdoors is woefully under-utilised in terms of seating, with only a few lucky brunchers able to take advantage of the picturesque view of the pool and the meticulously manicured surroundings and polo field on the horizon. This is a good option for those who have possibly had a hearty lunch, but want to meet up and mingle with friends in the evening without wanting to tussle with a full-on evening meal. At 150AED, it is EXCELLENT value for money, especially for the more mature crowd or friends and couples with young children; a nice end to the working week, letting us ease ourselves into the long weekend of brunching.   014801927577319f9f2c666452392faed28589546a Every Thursday from 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm AED 150 per person Epicure - Desert Palm PER AQUUM Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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