Sunset Brunch at Pure Sky Lounge, Hilton JBR

Brunch Reviews | In Unspecified on February 9th, 2016
300-400 AED

We are always on the lookout for alternatives to the traditional brunch, and have always been impressed by the concept of degustation tasting menu's in the past. So throw in a stunning sunset view from the 35th floor of the Hilton on JBR, a proliferation of carefully crafted dishes delivered to your table and a compliment of unlimited house beverages and we were sold for an evening of high end, chilled out vibes at Pure Sky Lounge.


The Food


To open proceedings, we were presented with a picturesque little Apple Salad that was as pleasing on the eye as it was on the lips. Sweet, Fresh, and served as a perfect amuse bouche in preparation for what was soon to come. Next was the Scallop Cebu served in its shell, with Avocado and Peach Puree on a bed of Lemon Salt and perfectly placed Micro Greens. Once Again this tiny morsel packed a punch in both the aesthetics and flavour departments, with its contrast of sweet and savoury leaving bothof us impressed at the level of detail in each preparation and had us both longing for more. The waiter explained that the bed of Lemon Salt for example was not edible, but created a wonderful piece of theatre nonetheless.


We then moved onto a more hearty, yet still delicately and sensibly proportioned dish of Mushroom Risotto, which was creamy and perfectly all'onda, which translates as "with waves" according to our Italian cheffy friend. With freshly shaved Parmesan perched neatly on top, and a firm yet rich and buttery bite, Mrs Brunch passionately proclaimed (aka whispered discreetly) that this was "by far the best risotto she had ever tried!"

At this point we had to stop ourselves from over-indulging as we always do and tactically and regretfully left the remainder of our risotto in eager anticipation of the next dishes, both of which could be considered "entrees" in their own right. The Salmon on a bed of Lentils came up first, and while the Salmon itself was cooked to perfection, the Lentils did not have the same level of flavour and their texture was a little course, as it would be in comparison to the soft, smoothness of the risotto which we have to admit were still both pining for. Then we were served up Corn-fed Chicken Breast with Perigord Truffle Butter and Asparagus which was bursting with flavour and moist throughout.


Finally we move onto the desserts, and we were informed at the beginning of the Brunch by Mark, the Manager that this would be something special and to save room. Not that we are sceptics, but we have seen enough chocolate fountains and sparklers to last us a lifetime so were not really that excited when we presumed that we were in for more of the same….spoiler alert….How wrong we were!

First, we were sat at a rather small lounge table and so were asked to go outside to the terrace where a table had already been prepared. Our levels of intrigue had tryuly spiked by this point and not even the slightly uncomfortable late August heat could dampen our excitement. At last, out stepped Chef Sven Schmidt, who explained that what we were about to experience had come from a 3 Michelin starred restaurant in Chicago….a good start…he had us hooked!


Before we knew it, Chef Sven was delicately covering and crumbling our table with lines, swishes and circles of chocolate and vanilla sauce, passion fruit baked crumble, fresh strawberries & raspberries, strawberry meringues, coconut foam, passion fruit curd and vanilla custard. (The table was hygienically covered by the way) We watched in amazement as the artwork began to take shape. If you have ever seen the TV Show Art Attack with Neil Buchanon, you will know exactly what we are talking about. Finally, he proceed to carry a huge Malteaser-like chocolate ball out to our table and place it in the middle of his masterpiece and voila…he was done! We were speechless…this was an experience that many people may never get to see…something like this has never before been seen in Dubai and we were so privileged to be a part of it. The only problem was whether to sit and stare at it or smash into it.


Once we did muster the courage to delve into the chocolate ball, we found a treasure trove of fruit and meringue which complemented the light Swiss chocolate and the artistically spread sauces so well. The textures, the flavours and the ingenuity were absolutely out of this world. If you love desserts and have a sweet tooth, this is one experience you do not want to miss.







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The Drink


We started off our evening soiree with a sunset toast and a sparkling glass of sparkling yellowtail, before moving on to our signature glass of Sauvignon Blanc, a Whispering Duck from Australia. There were also Red (Pinotage - Cape of Good Hope), Rose (Marques de Caceres) and beer (Tiger) options available. We then moved onto the cocktail menu which consisted of a list of cocktails and mocktails which all come to your table in a handy sharing jug. The options included Caribbean Sour, Aperol Spritz, Orange Mojito and Mimosa. Again, our proximity to the bar and the team's attentiveness meant that we were never left with an empty glass or jug…and yes we did have one of each jug!





The Atmosphere


True to its word, this is most certainly a stunning sunset brunch overlooking the picturesque coastline of the Arabian Gulf. Time seems to stand still during the magical moment between sunset, twilight and dusk, but as the sun slowly slips away over the horizon, nightime falls within a blink of an eye so make sure you have your cameras ready for some amazing selfies! The decor is perfectly aligned to the presentation of the food which is clean cut, minimalist and contemporary much like a Mediterranean hacienda. The mood is relaxed, yet jovial and the evening is ebbed on by the soundtrack of funky and soulful house music which purrs along in the background.




Dhillesh, our server was attentive and informative about each dish as it came to the table and Mark was on hand, keeping his troops in fine formation like a well versed orchestra conductor…popping over to every table intermittently to chew the fat without ever being too intrusive.

When food is as beautifully presented, as it is here, we sometimes call it the "Smoke and Mirrors" tactic, where chefs try and disguise the lack of flavour with pretty colours, swirls or foams. Here, however, the attention to detail that had been put into the creation of each dish was equal in both style and substance.

The irony of the Sunset Brunch is that it is still such a hidden gem, set among one of the most iconic and bustling areas of the city. Not satisfied with relying purely on its majestic view though, it also surpasses its self with its innovative take on food. A perfect "wow factor" date night spot. You'll come for the view, but stay for the brunch!


Fridays from 5-9pm

AED 225 with Soft Drinks

AED 375 with Alcoholic Drinks and Cocktails

For reservations, call 04 318 2319 or email

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