Kenza Family Brunch @ The Ramada Downtown

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100-200 AED
Let's face it. Anyone who is a parent will probably agree that "If the kids are happy, the parents are happy!" So finding a family brunch to suit your needs as well as those of the kids is not the easiest thing to do in Dubai. There are so many to choose from and they usually don't advertise what exactly they provide for the kiddos - food and/or entertainment, and how many of those cater to one and not the other. We roped in our friends and their kiddies to help us decipher exactly what hit the mark and what is missing the target.   So, let's get started with Kenza. meaning treasure in Arabic and located in the Ramada Hotel Downtown, and just a stones throw away from the Burj Khalifa, although despite its proximity, the restaurant itself does not have a direct view of the Burj or of the Fountains. It is however, in a GREAT spot and you could easily stroll around the area before or after you've filled your tummies. Valet parking is also available and validated at Kenza so come with time to spare and enjoy the afternoon.   THE FOOD   From the separate children's area, the kids enjoyed feasting on the chicken nuggets, French fries, popcorn, and cotton candy (not all on one plate). They also enjoyed creating their own pasta dish at the interactive station. Veggies were availabletoo, both at the pasta station and on the regular buffet, but we would have liked to see some healthier options in the kids' area too…children these days, especially in the UAE are growing up with ever-more refined palettes and the easy Asda frozen party packs just won't cut it with some. For the adults, Kenza offers a variety of food choices and several live cooking stations. To begin with, there is a lovely bread and cheese table filled to the brim for all of the "carb and cheese enthusiasts." Next to this is the salad bar with a variety of salads and some slightly mundane sushi on offer. Personally, I thought the moutabel was especially tasty and went back for seconds, while the children felt the felt the same about the hummous and ended up going back for more after their dessert! (what did I just say about children and their refined palettes!?) Next up, the BBQ station with plenty of skewers to satisfy the carnivorous amongst you. They have shrimp, fish, beef, lamb and chicken skewers a plenty, cooked to order and brought fresh to your table. This was a favorite at our table as the beef was tender and almost melted in your mouth. The main buffet, whilst slightly lacking in variety, had several main dishes to tantalize the palettes of its international mix of diners. Nothing was overly spicy and the buffet appealed to several different cultures who were dining alongside us. Processed with Snapseed. Probably the best part of the brunch was the desserts. Our guests and their kids tend to love sweets anyway, but the selection of desserts was incredible. The adult's favorites were the tiramisu that came in single serve dishes and the Wasabi Crème Brule. The kids were infatuated by the chocolate fountain and fresh fruit for dipping. The incredible team at Kenza had to bring us additional napkins once they realized that it was indeed chocolate covering their faces rather than the remnants of their face painting experience.   THE DRINK   A special surprise were the delicious mocktails on display in their own special section. These were all pre-concocted and available as part of the brunch. This brunch is dry, but the flavourful mocktails almost made up for it. Water, juices, and soft drinks were also available.     THE OTHER STUFF   The Kenza Family Brunch begins at 1pm and ends at 4pm. We arrived shortly before 1pm and were promptly seated by the staff and offered soft beverages or mocktails while the finishing touches were completed for the brunch. You have the option to sit inside or outside and the children's activities are all located outside. We chose to sit outside and at the comfortable temp of 29 degrees C, the weather is perfect to enjoy the fresh air. There are two children's areas to play in, one area includes a nice grassy field and two stationary play structures surrounded by a fence. It is important to note that there are only a few outdoor tables where this area can be seen and there isn't any staff supervision. Children would need to be old enough to play responsibly or have parental supervision. Our kids, aged 7 and 8, went back and forth from the table to the play area without any issues. The other children's area is in the midst of the outdoor brunch and includes some bean-bag chairs and a Children's Activity Coordinator complete with balloon making and face painting. This area can be easily monitored throughout the brunch.   Overall, the brunch at Kenza is a great experience - non-pretentious, laid back, and a good variety based on the size and cost. The staff were attentive and really good with kids. The whole restaurant seats approximately 100 people inside and out so it's relaxed and comfortable without the long buffet lines. For AED 149, adults can feast for three hours. Discounted rates for children aged 5-12 and free for children up to age 5. Processed with Snapseed. Every Friday from 1-4pm AED 149 for Adults To book - call 04 3307330 or email   Kenza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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