Girders Garden Brunch

Brunch Reviews | In Unspecified on February 9th, 2016
100-200 AED

The term "cheap and cheerful" is something that is rarely afforded any significant airtime amongst the myriad of glitzy 5 star hotels in and around the Emirates. It is also no secret that we are all blessed to be able to dine in places that we could only ever dream of frequenting back home, and so when the term is used out here, it is often parsimoniously, and in our view unfairly tagged on to places which simply represent good value for money. We visited Girders Garden to give credence to the theory that "cheap" could also prove to be tremendously "Cheerful."

The Food

The food on our particular visit was Halloween themed, with specially inspired spooky stations such as a bread selection of various loaves sculpted into pumpkins and other ghoulish names for their regular buffet items.

The buffet itself is centered around a giant industrial BBQ smoke wagon which dominates the far right hand corner of the garden, aptly named "The Beast" and is manned meticulously by Executive Sous Chef Thomas Pluntke and his team. The complexities arising from the elemental smell of cooking meat over fire have been a huge part of the human DNA since the stone age, and as such form a key part of the attraction of the Girders Brunch. If you are ever walking down JBR and are lured in by the aroma, you know that the "Beast" is in full flow, burning at 200 degrees celcius and producing crispy skinned smoked Chicken Wings with a succulent center and lightly charred Pork Ribs, which tasted as though they had been smoked for upwards of at least 30 hours.

The impressive pork section continued with a selection of all time British breakfast favourites including Bacon, Sausages and Scrambled Eggs, whilst the Carb-i-Vores amongst our table were pleased with the ample, whilst not overly enormous selection of Baked and Roasted potatoes which were wrapped in turkey Bacon, Lasagna, Pasta and Roasted Vegetables. All of the meats maintained their moisture in spite of their outdoor lodgings and were replenished at regular intervals by the chefs.

For those seeking their 5 a day, there is also a small selection of salad bowls which you could be forgiven for almost missing as they were marooned out by the Halloween themed cakes and donut desserts which lived in the mini fridge. Nonetheless we did muster a perfunctory garnish for our plate with a small amount of Sweetcorn Potato Salad and Coleslaw, which sat amongst a Greek Salad, a Caesar Salad, and a pasta Salad.





The Other Stuff

The key is in the name. The Girders Garden is an outdoor experience best enjoyed in the winter months. Think typical British pub Garden, bedecked with wooden floors, grass-edged walls and pub garden benches and you are somewhere close to the hidden oasis that exists on the third level of the JA Ocean Hotel.

The first thing that strikes you as you enter is the "Lads dream," otherwise known as the colossal 4m high sports and video games wall with fifa setup and ready to cause countless bragging arguments across the tables. There are also "man cave classics" such as giant Jenga and Beer Pong, which you can also win prizes for throughout the Brunch.

The congenial atmosphere is hosted throughout the day by Norman Jay (MBE) look-a-like DJ Pele, who was the perfect compere with his upbeat song selection and slightly mischievous antics. He ensures that every table is getting into the full swing of the afternoon with his infectious personality and even playfully baited an unsuspecting man celebrating his birthday into participating in a public drinking game which gained the roaring endorsement of his friends and the entire brunch.

Whilst the selection of food is not vast, what they do have is actually very well executed and presented in a non-pretentious manner. If you are looking for a combination of "Good Food, Good Company and Great Times," grab some friends and head on up for some good natured, great value fun.



Every Friday from 12pm - 4pm

AED 199 with selected house beverages

Call +917 4 814 5590 or e-mail

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